The sauna, considered sacred by ancient Estonians, has since become a place for refreshment and relaxation. The villa offers a sauna with a cosy lobby, with walls built from ancient fieldstone and massive doors to make the visitor feel even closer to nature, which can provide a comfortable experience for 10–12 people. There is peace within this harmony. Still, a modern sauna enthusiast will not have to do without a large wall-mounted TV.

A healthy mind for a healthy body – enjoy your sauna!

The price includes use of the sauna and lobby, and towels!

Booking the sauna:
Call us at 7311 820 for a menu.


Dear sauna user!

·         To keep the sauna hot, please close the door after yourself.

·         Add steam! Steam is good for you!

·         The sauna is a place to relax and feel good. It is not a suitable place to demonstrate your endurance. Add steam sensibly.

·         Whisks are not allowed in our sauna.

·         Do not bring your own food or drink into the sauna!

·         Dial 20 to order additional food or drinks

·         Use seat covers!

·         Be considerate of the environment when using water and toiletries!

·         If a song is picked up in the sauna, it is good manners for all to sing along!

A healthy mind for a healthy body – rest well!